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Biz Future
About Us
End-customer connecting
Bullet Creative Strategy
Bullet Design
Bullet Implementation
  Delivering disruptive mindset & ecstatic execution to clients in diverse industries, from strategy to operations  
Bullet We experience emotionally
Bullet Across industries, we deliver rationally
Bullet We help for our clients' profitable growth significantly
Bullet P&P (Perceived & Potential value) Research brings distinction: Our expertise has always unearthed what's uncommon in the market to deliver distinction by using our proprietary P&P Research process for insight mining
Bullet Uniqueness of our delivery: Creative strategy that hooks the subconscious mind of the client enterprise's end-customers
Bullet Expertise: European skill used in 31 years of global experience
Our consulting principle
End-user connect
Future Dimension
Performing Biz Identity A few Shining examples delivered
- Defining the customer perceived core of your enterprise
- Bring behavioural change in management and operations to align with changing market trends
- Establish the differentiating strategy and accompany your enterprise for implementation
- Corporate identity that reflects your high people capability and deliverables
Delta Dairy GATI Jubilant Wipro
From dairy to
leader in food
in Greece
From transportation
to supply chain management
From commodity
chemicals to
From a diversified conglomerate to single
focus global IT service
Bagley Horosmart JSW Britannia
From being a commodity to value added snacking in Argentina Converged 11
European acquisitions
to a single focused
time management enterprise
Consolidation of
multiple steel
businesses into a single identity
Transformation from
biscuits to healthy food
Future of Corporate Image
Enterprise employee behavioural change
Bullet India continues to be a demand led market, that is, in most industries, enterprises supply to demand.
Bullet So the real challenge of market competitiveness and veritas value of quality matching price is totally absent.
Bullet Tomorrow's mammoth requirement for Indian enterprises is to change employee behaviour to align to the external world. The current stationery, desktop working style will be paralytic.
Cleopatra's Needle rock
Changing behavior to achieve: Horizontally on the 3,000ft Cleopatra's Needle rock between Switzerland and Italy are 28 climbers who achieved near-perfect symmetry with teamwork. Photograph by Robert Boesch
Bullet India's heterogeneity is beginning to acquire a national pattern in convergence which did not exist earlier, eg. Western fast food is popular among all Indians of different age groups. That's a compelling behavioural change.
Bullet The value of time will become critical as the India vs. West salary gap is narrowing and qualified employees are getting choosy. So rationalisation of manpower of appropriate capability will become very important.
Drive required:
Bullet The requirement of changing corporate image is 2-fold: to change the behaviour of employees to connect to end-customers, and to stay ahead of the regular changing trend in the competitive field.
Bullet Tomorrow's dire need will be agility, to co-opt the more efficacious, instantaneous and transparent system that's akin to mobile devices.
Bullet So a business identity cannot be a mere frivolous signage. It will require the discipline of the changing behaviour of employees to connect seamlessly to the changing behaviour of end-customers.
Industrial Design A few Shining examples delivered
- Intercepting the sensorial aspect of customers through their stated and unstated needs
- Design logic for ╪╕┬€£reduce effort, increase comfort╪╕┬€╪ح products
- Counseling on the profusion of materials and material cost management
- Balance of emotive styling, functionality and durability of the product to make big volume
WeP Mahindra Bolero Moulinex
Techy design for UPS and
DMP for WeP Corporation
Renovation / co-creation
of Bolero vehicle with
Mahindra team
User friendly design of
vegetable and meat cutter
for Moulinex
Xylo Cutlery set Moulinex mixer grinder
Product planning with Shining ReFinE process for Xylo space management & design Cutlery set specially designed
for hypermarket for
Guy Degrenne
Mixer and grinder bio design
for Moulinex
Future of Industrial Design
Co-opt kids brains
Bullet Nobody will like any serious industrial design which does not have sensorial, intuitive and playful substance.
Bullet The tech-born, mobile device driven children should be considered the design industry's real influencers. They always try to interpret some new direction in the digital devices they play with. Their intuitive recreation is the designer's direction for the future.
Biola Magazine
Photograph: Biola Magazine
Bullet Higher the extent of sensorial and intuitive association in a product, the better will its success be tomorrow.
Bullet What is intuitive design? It's the customer's unarticulated imagination of what the design's functionality should be.
Bullet Children are getting habituated to regular change. Because of exposure to digi-tech, their attitude towards virtual reality and physical possession has undergone major change in the games they play, their education style and relationship with friends.
Bullet Apart from product functionality, colour and styling in design, children's behaviour will tremendously impact design tomorrow. They will occupy a major space in design development as their cognitive references make many fresh connections.
Drive required:
Bullet The future of industrial design, whether the product is for working, entertaining, mobile, consumer electronics, medical, sports, transportation or any other area, will all be superimposed with children's instantaneous wisdom.
Bullet To imbibe the future of industrial design, follow the domain of children in all kinds of entertainment, games and education they familiarly adapt to. Their physical, mental and ergonomic rapport will be the substance to study.
BRANDING Branding A few Shining examples delivered
- Microscopically watch your category in the competitive environment
- Define the brand health from product to branding and communication areas
- Address product deficiency, if any, then the solution on branding and brand communication
- For B2C, support for visibility, proximity and availability at the point of purchase for repeat purchase
- For B2B customers, enterprise centric support for business acquisition for sticky business
Activia Berger Lancome Pantene
Branding a generic
dairy category to become Danone's Activia, a global leader
Global aspirational branding of Lewis
Berger by changing
from Berger
Global design of
Eau De Toilette from L'Oreal
Making an old French
hair lotion brand into P&G's Pantene, the
No 1 shampoo globally
Britannia Tiger Saffola Parachute French Armagnac
Innovation & introduction of a rural biscuit brand Tiger, to enlarge market penetration Brand renovation
with structural design
to become Saffola, India's most value
added food brand
Creation of new
category branding
with structural design
to shift basic Parachute oil brand into a lifestyle personal care product
Re-branding and structural design of French Armagnac for Remy Martin
Future of Branding
Bullet In several categories associated with digi-tech, the world is moving towards sharing rather than possessing.
Bullet Selling a brand the transactional way by applying structured marketing jargons like product, price, place, promotion will not inspire a customer to buy the same brand again when choice abounds.
Bullet Quality customers want (QCW) will become the brand's key factor tomorrow. Customer will not sacrifice quality in a brand for a low priced product or service.
Bullet The combination and balance of cost, quality and aspiration will make the brand sustainable. So at any price point, the brand has to reflect the intimacy of quality that customers are looking for.
Bullet Digi-tech has changed people's attitude unimaginably incorporating the everyday changing phenomenon. That's why the brand's response has to become friendly and be transmitted through humanized means.
Bullet Brands will have to display magnetic power at the point of purchase to visibly tantalize customers
Bullet Brands have to unconventionally create a peer effect where customers recall it as a friend during both ups and downs in their lives.
Drive required:
Bullet Does the brand spark happiness and the friendship quotient from specific features of the product of service?
Bullet Is the brand a companion that boosts morale when the customer feels low and can it be shared with peers?
Bullet Did the brand display QCW when buying, induce pride and confidence of having made the right choice?
Bullet Is the brand socially relevant, recommendable and talked about with the aid of traditional media?
Shoppers' (Bill)n RETAILING Retailing A few Shining examples delivered
- Accompanying the client in catchment excellence strategy
- Identifying fast moving categories for procurement and inventory efficiency
- Design the dynamic facade that increases footfall for existing or new shoppers
- In-store shopper prompting planogram, visual merchandizing that increase bill size and bill numbers
Allen Solly
Creation of an exclusive fashion brand Viveza
and shop in shop retail design
Allen Solly Asymmetric retail design   Intermarche France
Asymmetric retail design
to make Allen Solly
brand youthful
  A full range of personal care products in new private label
for Intermarche, France
Future of Retail
Bullet Cut price or bundle promos throughout the year can never establish a robust retail business.
Bullet Shopping is of 2 types, mandatory and on impulse.
Bullet Mandatory shopping that fulfils need will always be boring, whereas buying on impulse happens when there's a surprise element.
Bullet Most customers tomorrow, not just tech-savvy ones, will prefer to shop online in a relaxed way and get home delivery.
Bullet It's true that walking in super or hyper markets or in malls is very tiring, but for items where touch and feel is important it cannot be avoided. At the same time there will be always be a clash of cost advantage in Internet purchase.
Bullet In any type of retail format in any industry, the more you create the surprise factor on a consistent basis, the better will it attract the impulse shopper. It will also draw the mandatory shopper to come.
Bullet The experience you need to give is to create hallucination to take the shopper's breath away through highly involving experience, fantasy experience, dream experience.
Drive required:
Bullet Creating the experience of surprising the shopper will give the competing edge in tomorrow's retail business. But note well, the surprise cannot be like a false nipple for children, it has to have real substance.
Bullet Regular changing visual art will create the dynamic purchase act for shoppers at any given time.
Bullet The strategy of a retail that creates surprise in all senses has to be from merchandize to visual merchandise, facade to window display, customer service to amazing value to keep the shopper on a constant high.
Bullet Bringing the surprise element on a continuous basis will make tomorrow's retail business prosperous.
How we work
Grey Cells
Process Adherence
Digi tech Output
On Time Go To Market
Our passion for clients' success
  1 Our project starts by identifying the key factors of the client's industry and how the competitors play in the market environment  
  2 In a collaborative approach, we work hand-in-hand with the client's strategic team, bringing strong insights and a differentiation strategy into the market  
  3 We also get highly involved with the client's operational team to facilitate the right application of our recommended strategy  
  4 We spend as much time as is required to infuse the client's team with all our market learnings, so they internalize the reality they have to contend with  
Project Management
  1 At the beginning of the project we fix the timeline, scope and delivery as per the requirement of the client and market  
  2 A team leader and deputy are selected as the single point contact for the duration of the project  
  3 Selection of the Shining team which encompasses research, analytics and designers of different disciplines  
  4 Monthly project review with the client to evaluate progress as per the timeline set  
  5 An internal management council checks all deliverables with high exigency to ensure outstanding quality that adds value to the client's business  
How our team functions
  Our pluri-disciplinary teams, trained in a platform of global expertise, have several years of hands-on experience and encompass researchers, psychologists, analysts, strategy planners, print visual experts, digital visual experts, industrial design engineers, architectural engineers, video editors, 3-D rendering designers  
  1 Our researcher is the account manager responsible for end-to-end client delivery. We don't have an in-between client interface co-ordinator  
  2 Our researcher ensures creative delivery that follows the strategic intent for the client's profitable growth  
  3 Our researcher interacts with the client's team to monitor implementation of the recommended strategy  
End-customer & enterprise customer insight mining process
Shining core
iin socio-
with our
old P&P
Consumer market in varied industries
Distribution Retail Consumer Market trend Back-end capability Strategic diagnostics
  Proximity with the enterprise
  Brand engagement
  Competitive situation
among other brands
  Confidence on the brand pull and conversion
  Satisfactory earning level with the brand
  Willingness of market
handling with modern technology
  Brand shelf
off take performance
  Visibility of
the brand
  On shelf freshness of the brand
  Distributor relationship with the retail
  Retail confidence level with the enterprise
  Brand handling quality
  Brand priority categorization among competition
  Product level Blind fold product
testing in the competitive environment
to evaluate product performance score
  Brand level
Pull of the brand score
in the
  Trust in the brand quality
  Purpose of
the brand individual to family level
  Emotional connect to
the brand
  Usage logic with the
  Impact of buyer, influencer
and user
  Influencing category of
the market
  Dynamic movement of digital trend with customer connect
  Purchase pattern
vis-a-vis consumer behaviour
  Different generations purchase pattern in a given category
  Gauging the level of
outside-in factor in the enterprise
  Understanding the quality
of brand
health in the competitive environment
standard capability to score over global competitors
  IQ on quality customer's want value chain
  1. What
to sell
  2. How
to sell
  3. Whom
to sell to
Enterprise professional business
Pain areas of the industry B2C industry complexity Competitive industry scenario Future of the industry Enterprise's customer interface Strategic diagnostics
  Distinguishing whether the pain is a pattern or due to specific market or technology cause
  Thorough understanding of the enterprise from the perspective of the enterprise end-customer
  Scientific, rational and emotive score of different enterprises in the same industry. To evaluate the strength and weakness of the enterprise
  Evaluation of the enterprise industry in the context of past and present to detect the pattern
with the
overall market trend for the advance level industry to define a pattern
  The quality of the interface with the customer at the cultural level, requirement level and strategic level
  1. What
to sell
  2. How
to sell
  3. Whom
to sell to
Our consulting model
Shining Consulting model
Sacrosanct sequence of our 4-step project management process in
4 solutions with high creativity
Performing Biz Identity
Industrial Design
4-step project management process
Clients Global expertise in diverse industries
Since inception in Paris, France, 1984, we have been delivering end-customer connecting creative strategy and design and hand-holding clients in their implementation. Our consulting solutions, from creative strategy to go-to-market, shape clients business to achieve profitable growth.
  Shining - Services
  Shining - Technology
  Shining - Manufacturing
  Shining - Pharmaceutical
  Shining - Retail
  Shining - Luxury goods
Shining - Household
Shining - Personal care
Shining - Food and beverage
  • Groupama Insurance • Credit Lyonnais • Gati Logistics
• Indian Bank • GoAir
  • Lexmark • Wipro • Horosmart • WeP • L&T Infotech
  • Total • Fulman • Valeo • Renault • M&M • Dow Chemicals • 3M • Adidas
• Moulinex • Corning/Newell • Berger Paints • JK Super Drive
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb • Solvay Pharma • Jubilant Organosys
• Glaxo SmithKlein Beecham Consumer Health • Sanofi-Synthelabo
• Amrutanjan
  • Gallarie Lafayette • Monoprix • Intermarche • Herbier de Provence
• Carrefour • Reliance Fresh • Nilgiris • Madura Garments
  • Lancome • Guy Degrenne • Remy Martin • Cartier
  Household: • 3M • Reckitt and Benckiser • Bic Conte
• Henkell • P&G
  Personal care: • Procter & Gamble • L’Oreal • Nivea
• Marico • Yves Rocher
  Food and beverage: • Danone • Unilever • Bagley • Nestle
• Chupa Chups ╪╕┬€╪ز Marico ╪╕┬€╪ز Bunge • Teisseire
• Lactalis • Ferrarelle • Delta Dairy
• Britannia • Hindustan Unilever
• Kronenbourg Brewery (Carlsberg Group)
• Cadbury Schwepps
What they say....... We didn't say it!
Jacques Vincent - Vice Chairman, Groupe Danone
To market yogurt using a newly discovered bacteria, we had the good idea of knocking the door of Shining in Paris, and were surprised. Shining proceeds to first design the product, then surrounds it with a relevant concept that's common among all human beings on earth, so it can magnetize all, identify the end product benefit, and put it forward. Today this brand Activia is the largest food brand in France. Worldwide, it is a 3 billion Euros brand. That's the future that Shining saw.
Anand Mahindra - Chairman & MD, Mahindra & Mahindra
It has been a pleasure and a bit of revelation working with Shining. Shining has given a completely fresh perspective and valuable insights on how customers perceive us. By implementing the unique process they are leading us through, we hope to transform the internal and external face of M&M in the years to come.
Azim H Premji - Chairman, Wipro
We are extremely happy to work with Shining, who provided us invaluable consultancy services in our exercise of repositioning the corporate identity and re-articulating our corporate values. Within two years of using the new Wipro identity and articulating our corporate values to the customer, we have increased our salience in the market. We have received ╪╕┬€╪ةHigh Quoted Values' as promised by Shining.
  Before Shining intervention with strategy
and execution
Vam Organic Chemical   2000:
Indian corporation, $103 million
Jubilant   Repositioned, renamed and restructured the organisation
as Jubilant to endorse multi-conglomerate business
  2011: $1 billion
annual revenue & market capital
$3 billion
Mahindra Bolero   Mahindra Bolero launched 1999: 5,500 numbers sold p.a.
Mahindra Bolero   Refreshed design with
right consumer focus, relaunched in 2007
sales p.a.
Activia   Created in 1987 as a probiotic diary product. The brand has become unique in the generic market achieving premium earning due to exceptional quality of product. Today its a global brand that's changed people's behaviourial aspect from simple yoghurt consumption to probiotic ╪╕┬€£Activia - Beauty comes from within.╪╕┬€╪ح
  3 billion Euros p.a. revenue with high profit from a single brand
Allen Solly   Retail was attracting
only 35+
age group
with formal apparel
Mahindra Bolero   Total redesign from retail,
brand, merchandise and marketing to become casual wear centric. Concept of asymmetry. Changed consumer profile to 23-28 years from
being middle aged
  Within 2 years brand became casual and youth centric multi offer occasion trendy retail
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Jacques Vincent Azim Premji Keshub Mahindra Harsh Mariwala   Theodore Smyrniotopoules   N C Venu Gopal   Gunender Kapur
Jacques Vincent
Vice Chairman
& COO, Danone
Azim Premji,
Keshub Mahindra
Former Chairman,
Harsh Mariwala
Chairman & MD,
  Theodore Smyrniotopoules
CMO, Delta,
  N C Venu Gopal
Gammon India
  Gunender Kapur
TPG Wholesale
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Allen Solly
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Fmr CEO, M&M
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MD, Sssangyong Motors
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